Yerkes built mass transportation systems in Chicago and London and was asked to fund the project by the president of the University of Chicago and George Ellery Hale, a young professor at the university who wanted to study the sun. From 1897, when it opened, to 1908, Yerkes housed the largest operating telescope of any type in the world. Dianna Colman, Yerkes Future Foundation. It was previously owned by the University of Chicago’s Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Future of Yerkes Observatory This message below from John Briggs of the Antique Telescope Society gives the latest information regarding the future of Yerkes Observatory. There’s much to do virtually in the week ahead. It would make for a fantastic dance floor, but the 37.5-ton platform’s sole purpose at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay is to provide convenient access to the world’s largest refracting telescope. "There are the votes to outright end marijuana prohibition in the Senate. Only it’s not just a local effort. The University of Chicago said Nov. 5 it had reached “an agreement in principle” with the Yerkes Future Foundation to take over ownership and maintenance of the observatory. Share your impact data to update your score. The observatory, sometimes called "the birthplace of modern astrophysics", was founded in 1892 by astronomer George Ellery Hale and financed by businessman Charles T. Yerkes. Check back often to see how this organization’s score changes. The nonprofit is not heavily reliant on individual donors because beneficiaries fund a majority of its costs or it does not receive any private charitable contributions. newsletter, Rubbish fire halts Red Line service from Garfield to Fullerton, New federal rule paves the way for airlines to ban emotional support animals on flights, Top mayoral aide apologizes for joke that ‘fell flat’ during teachers strike, Ex-French leader Valery Giscard d’Estaing dies at age 94, ‘Dear Santa’: You better watch this feel-good doc on volunteers helping deliver the presents, The Mix: Manual Cinema’s ‘Christmas Carol,’ Ruth Page’s ‘Nutcracker’ and more things to do Dec. 3-9, 1,634 total lives lost in Illinois to COVID-19 during the past two weeks, an average of about 117 per day (LIVE UPDATES), In Illinois, bigger employers grabbed most of the PPP COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program loans, WGN-Channel 9 disappears from Dish Network during contract dispute. Note: This data is only available if this charity has at least one year of e-file Form 990 data. John W Briggs < > 5 Nov at 16:42 Here (below) is the announcement relayed by Dianna Colman of Yerkes Future Foundation. Dianna Colman of the Yerkes Future Foundation said the foundation and university in October reached an “agreement in principle” for the transfer of ownership after about 18 months of negotiations. The mission of the Yerkes Future Foundation (“YFF”) is to preserve and protect Yerkes Observatory, celebrate its history and continue to foster its goals of research, education and astronomical observation. Leaders from the University and YFF discussed terms of the agreement in March at a meeting of the Village of Williams Bay Plan Commission. “Any astronomy buff would think that this is the Holy Grail of astronomy,” Struble said as he stood on the steps of the main entrance. The outage affects 163 Nexstar-owned stations in various markets across the country. The University of Chicago and the Yerkes Future Foundation have been moving closer to a deal for the Yerkes Observatory, the … Ownership was transferred to the non-profit Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF) in May, 2020. All told, the telescope and support structure weighs an estimated 82 tons. History of Yerkes Observatory In order to save the observatory, a group of approximately 45 concerned individuals formed the Yerkes Future Foundation. The Yerkes Future Foundation The mission of the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF) is to preserve and protect the Yerkes Observatory and enhance and expand the experience visitors have on the site. WILLIAMS BAY, Wis. — The round, wooden floor here has been a platform for some of the biggest names in science. “Those are the kind of people from around the world that have made trips to come here.”. The foundation’s plan is getting worldwide attention, which could help bolster funding for the restoration project, operational costs, the establishment of an endowment and the hiring of staff, including the current search for an executive director. David … The Yerkes Future Foundation would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the past two years. ABOUT YERKES FUTURE FOUNDATION Executive Director2 History of Yerkes … Find out why. Yerkes Future Foundation Inc. is a Educational Institutions and Related Activities organization that provides assistance in the form of Charitable Organization. Charity Navigator will provide an assessment of the organization’s leadership capacity, strategic planning, and the ability to readily innovate or respond to changes in constituent demand/need or other relevant social and economic conditions to achieve the organization’s mission. It is 73 feet in diameter, considered the world’s largest indoor elevator and can rise 26 feet. The University of Chicago this week will transfer ownership of Yerkes Observatory and related property located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin to the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF). Donations are tax-deductible. Assistance has come from John Briggs in New Mexico, the former president of the Antique Telescope Society and an expert in telescope and observatory preservation. The Yerkes Future Foundation plans on restoring the observatory’s buildings and telescopes, reopening the observatory to visitors, and setting up educational programs. This organization is ineligible for a Finance & Accountability score. He served as the chief of the Williams Bay volunteer fire department for 16 years and lived on the Yerkes grounds for 19 years before moving to nearby Elkhorn. Learn more about GlobalGiving.Note: GlobalGiving Badges do not effect the nonprofit’s Impact & Results score. Tom Nichols, a member of the foundation’s board, an investment manager and a conservationist who sits on the Geneva Lake Conservancy board, said the observatory has been primarily a self-contained entity for the University of Chicago but can now be used by a wide range of universities, colleges and independent researchers and provide more access to the public.
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