We have real qualified teachers, teaching real live classes, setting real homework and giving real reports. "InterHigh has been a real asset to me as an actor, as I can do what I love whilst keeping up with my education at the times that suit my filming schedules.". Would have saved a lot of tears! If you would like to enrol your child for our 1st February 2021 intake, please enquire below. Sub-Total £0.00. Actor Gene Gurie stars in Children’s BAFTA-winning series Secret Life of Boys on CBBC. I can’t recommend My Online Schooling enough! Four months in & the boys are engaged, motivated and loving it! Studying at InterHigh gives her the flexibility to put in the extra hours she needs on the golf course as she works towards her goal of becoming a professional golfer. Start at the beginning of the half-term to get the most out of the rolling contract. Packed with incentives for children including real medals which get sent in the post if … Being bullied at primary school left Louise anxious about the move to higher education. With plans to travel abroad with his family, Keanu needed a flexible style of learning and a better education – which is where InterHigh came in. Add your school The Online School was able to support him with private lessons with a speech and language therapist. Matthew Ramsden runs his own business. InterHigh gives you all the tools to manage your learning yourself, so if you have enough self-motivation, then I would definitely recommend it.". Effective classroom learning without interruptions allows pupils to progress in their learning giving them time to pursue other interests. MOS has been a wonderful solution for us as we transitioned from South Africa to the UK curriculum and the school has excellent online resources to facilitate a great classroom and school experience which engages and involves the pupils, and encourages social interactions. 10 Orange Street Tools to empower teachers. For students and families considering an alternative path to a high school education, online learning is worth exploring. I found going to school really stressful, but here I actually enjoy school. Lauren Hobbs has ASD/Asperger's. Net School prides itself on offering a high quality education based on the English National Curriculum for students aged between 9 and 18 years. She joined InterHigh after being bullied at mainstream secondary school and says InterHigh has helped her to regain her confidence. I am really enjoying it and am much happier since I joined.". "My dream and ambition are to compete in the Paralympics. my school in Ireland was not as helpful in trying to catch up with time away or with the same broad curriculum. CHS is a selective over-subscribed online independent school based in Cambridge UK. The Online School provides an alternative to traditional schooling teaching the British Curriculum with UK based teachers and tutors. I would really recommend InterHigh because the teachers are very understanding and attending school is way more fun!". Learn more about our online open evenings. Stanford University in the US runs a $25 000-a-year virtual school. It is flexible, modern and always open to suggestions.". "Anyone who has dealt with bullying and depression like me should consider Interhigh because it’s the safest, most welcoming school ever and will help you find joy in learning again. Read more about Hannah’s InterHigh story below. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a school, plus a whole lot more! Our last intake of exam candidates achieved excellent International GCSE results, with 97% scoring grades 9-4. GCSE Home Schooling . Learn English with our practical Online English courses: General English, Business English, IELTS preparation and more. Wolsey Hall Oxford's IGCSE courses are excellent for students who wish to homeschool. . 130 Online language schools listed. "I searched for a job for about a month and then managed to land myself one at Kuehne + Nagel in Aberdeen. He then moved to Dubai, UAE where education is … They are an actual bricks n mortar college that has recently branched out into online schooling so only 6 live subjects available atm but they do other subjects by tutor led online correspondence. With online learning, motivated teens don’t need to be held back … Singer Eden Golan is a member of Russian pop group The Cosmos Girls. InterHigh offers pupils as young as 8 years of age the chance to go to school online. 29 October 2020. UK's largest school uniform provider, a quick and easy way to get great value school uniforms in your school's colours, complete with embroidered emblem - and to raise money for your school just by shopping with us. Our fully qualified teachers deliver the English National Curriculum through live online lessons, from Key Stage 2 to A-Levels. I finally feel that I fit in.". InterHigh has helped her re-engage with learning. " K12 Online Schools. My son hated school and although his time with you was short the teaching experience was always positive and encouraging and very unlike what he had grown used to. Try for free today! Maleeka Abbas is a keen blogger and loves how InterHigh gives her the freedom and flexibility to be embrace her creativity. Thanks Bran, We were looking at liveschool.co.uk the other day. Pupils can sit International GCSE examinations in centres throughout the UK, or in any one of the 120 registered countries worldwide. Quite simply, Key Stage 3 is the education a student is expected to cover in UK schools from the ages of 11 to 14. If it weren’t for travelling to Aberdeen to sit my exams, I may not have moved here.". InterHigh School delivers a fully interactive British education to the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Our qualified and experienced primary school teachers focus on developing young learners who are inquisitive, vivacious and enterprising for education. It’s all free for learners and teachers. I would recommend this online school to anyone involved in golf. Andrew Yeoh, Homeschooling Parent, Melbourne, Ausrtalia. We limit our classes to no more than 20 students allowing for more focused, individualised learning. The subjects he is particularly good at he can study at a more advanced level as he is not limited to his age level. She set up Feather Lux Lashes in 2018 and sells hundreds of boxes of eyelashes every month through her website and social media. Primary school-aged learners can also access Live Mathletics: an online maths game which allows them to compete against other children across the world. it is very much one size fits all . The teachers are superb and help you with your studies. As the UK’s leading online secondary school and sixth form college, InterHigh allows pupils to study the British curriculum, in full or in part, from home. Small classes and well-qualified, experienced teachers mean that your child gets the personal attention they deserve. My Online Schooling was a lifesaver for my daughters when we lived in the Middle East and needed to continue their British Curriculum education. The Maths Factor – Carol Vorderman’s online maths school. "When I was at a physical school, I was off more than I was there so we were basically paying for me not to be there!!! 24 November 2020. It has been the best two years of my education. Studying at InterHigh gives Jessica Partner the flexibility to run her own business. Actress Bella Ramsey stars in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as Lady Lyanna Mormont and as the lead character in CBBC’s Worst Witch series. With InterHigh, she has plenty of free time to train and compete. . He joined InterHigh as a sixth form... InterHigh is delighted to be welcoming Frankie Bridge as an ambassador this year. It offers an unrivalled British education that will enable your child to progress to any university in the world including Cambridge, Oxford, and the top US Universities. I feel happy now, I can relax, I’m not on the edge all the time. . . I have become more outgoing as a person and my confidence and self-esteem is growing.". "It gives me the freedom to learn at my own pace and not feel pressured by my classmates. Studying at InterHigh gives Hannah Morgan the flexibility she needs to cope with health issues and to follow her dream of competing in the Paralympics. I couldn’t cope within a mainstream environment . The teachers always explain things very clearly, meaning I can progress with my education alongside my training.". Darcey Harry is a talented young golfer who competes all over the world in tournaments. … The school made my life more consolidated, helped me to become more independent and due to its flexible timetable, allowed me to be more capable to undertake more complex tasks. This is for primary school children and costs £9.99 per month, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. ... UK +44 (0)20 3907 6464; admin@ibos.org.uk +44 (0)7377 026363 Studying at InterHigh gives Daniel the flexibility to follow his passion of working in musical theatre full-time. InterHigh played a huge part in that. Home Schooling GCSE courses. Briteschool live online school has been offering Primary and Secondary education for home- schooled and expatriate students for the past thirteen years. Free online high schools are considered public schools.In some states, they may be run by the state's department of education. K12 powers tuition-free online schools and school programs that meet students where they are and help get them to where they want to be. InterHigh alumni, Thomas Eccles, studied at InterHigh throughout high school before landing a job at an international freight forwarder, Kuehne + Nagel. Academy21 is part of the Wey Education group - the largest provider of live, interactive and online teaching in the UK. If you miss a day due to a show or audition, you can just do the lesson later. Bobby Ragan is an international Ice Hockey player. Actress Amy Lally lives in France and dealt with depression and bullying at school. Certificates of completion. By the time our Juniors move on to secondary school, they are fully prepared. Millie Whittingham has autism. After being bullied at mainstream school and then being home-educated, Lydia loves how accepting InterHigh is and the level of support she’s had. Luckily, a friend suggested InterHigh and now she has the freedom to learn at her own pace. Specifically designed for effective full-time online learning. January Enrolment – Limited Spaces Available For an overview of all available subjects, please take a look at our 20/21 Course Offerings here. He got the results he needed to go to the college he has always wanted to go to and is now in his second week and loving it. Live lessons are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers and parents can track their child’s progress via the online school hub. InterHigh, founded in 2005, is the leading online school in the UK with over 3,000 pupils studying in the UK and internationally. While certain schools offer a completely online mode of learning, there are others that are slowly leaning toward the employment of hybrid methodologies – the blending of traditional methods of education with modern online platforms. Added link to example lessons for remote teaching under the 'School staff' section. The step by step programme of study, with designated textbooks and online resources ensured that my daughter understood the concepts and their application in a logical manner. Watch our animation to find out more about My Online Schooling and what we offer our pupils and parents. Language schools for teaching online in specific countries are listed at the bottom of this page. My daughter loves it. Everyone was so nice and the teachers were very supportive, always ready to help when it's needed. The school offers a full and balanced British curriculum (including Art & Design and Music). London, WC2H 7DQ, Lewis Parry House, Elvicta Estate "I joined InterHigh because it is an online school and I thought I would have more time for horse riding or any other activities.". I don’t hate going to school anymore.". Find out about the experiences of other pupils and why they decided to learn at InterHigh. My Online Schooling opens the doors to British education for pupils around the world. Small classes and well-qualified, experienced teachers mean that your child gets the personal attention they deserve. My Online Schooling has genuinely lifted us as a family. "I feel happy to be at a school with other children who may themselves understand what it’s like to be bullied. View our term dates by clicking here and start this January. For more information about our school, please enquire below. InterHigh also provides the flexibility she needs to pursue her career in acting and performing arts. "InterHigh gives me the opportunity to attend school way more and also gives me the possibility to catch up by watching recordings. "Everyone is so helpful at InterHigh and the teachers are great. The school is very well run, organised, encouraging & great value for money. "A typical day at InterHigh is much better than a normal school. We provide flexible, cost-effective and academically focused provision for young, vulnerable learners who cannot or will not attend school due to medical, complex mental health or behavioural issues. View Key Stage 3 Courses. Crickhowell, NP8 1DF. InterHigh is flexible in finding a type of learning that suits you, nurtures your strengths, encourages success and importantly allows you to be you. "InterHigh is the best school for me to become a professional Ice hockey player.". Emotional ABCs website - teach children ages 4-11, how to figure out what they are feeling, why they are having that emotion, and how to make better choices. . I am also glad that you are receptive to feedback and act quickly to do what is best for the students. None of my lesson time was lost from disruptive students, which means schooltime is much more efficient and you can learn the same amount in a shorter time.". Learn more about our latest award from the ERA for 'Educational Establishment of the Year' here. Daniel Wilmot has appeared in West End musicals such as Annie Jr and The Secret Garden. Apply now, start at InterHigh this January! Emile website - online program for 4-12 year olds that covers the UK national primary curriculum for numeracy and SPaG with some phonics thrown in (free access currently). Chloe chose InterHigh as she was struggling with social anxiety. Experienced teachers offering engaging lessons online, Live lessons based on the English National Curriculum, The highest standard of education for a reasonable cost. I came to InterHigh as I was finding being in a normal comp a struggle and find it easier to concentrate when I'm on my own. But InterHigh has been really supportive and helped me get my confidence back. Our unique online school offers the best in Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A Level courses, delivered by expert teachers. "I have learned so much more than I did at school because I haven’t missed anything and I’m more relaxed in class.". The youngest athlete in the history of any sport to compete in the Commonwealth Games, Anna has found the flexibility of InterHigh has had a great effect on both her training and education. "InterHigh works really well for me as I'm able to run and grow my business along side studying for my GCSE's. "InterHigh has been great as my acting career has developed . Benefits include an earlier introduction to technology, a chance to strengthen challenging skills, and the opportunity to take college credit courses. Since moving to InterHigh, Amy says her depression has completely healed and that she is enjoying, "living life to its fullest." It is less intense, less pressure no noise and more relaxed at home.". . I love it and recommend it to everyone.". Founded in 1894, Wolsey Hall Oxford is one of the world’s most experienced home study and homeschooling online providers. InterHigh alumni, Bilal, found that InterHigh was a completely new way of learning, but one that fully prepared him for the independent studying that University required. Welcome to the new login page for the Schools-Online Editor. Annette Sylvester's children Tabitha, 14, and Reuben, 9, attend school online - and have never met their teacher. At InterHigh I don’t have to be in classroom and face to face with lots of people. That’s why InterHigh’s so great, I can do it anywhere.". Our online school is unique in its flexibility, approach and accessibility. It’s like a big family. Studying at InterHigh helped him to regain his confidence and develop new skills. You can also contact your local council to apply for places at state schools in other areas. My Online Schooling opens the doors to British education for pupils around the world, delivering live online lessons from KS2 to A-Level. The workload is higher and more convenient, and if you’re a quick learner at a particular subject, you can easily progress.". You can search online to find schools in England. One of the advantages of online schooling is the spare time can be used to pursue hobbies. As a result he is now happy and has the desire to learn and explore subjects in depth. A free online high school is a program that allows students to study through the internet without paying tuition. He was struggling with the growing pressures at day school so that by the end of each term he was stressed and depressed. She was invited to join the band after reaching the finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018. Developed by experienced trainers from the The London School of English, founded in 1912. William Franklyn-Miller is an actor, model and social media star. We would both like to say a big thank you to everyone at My Online Schooling and wish you all the very best for the future. Wish I had thought of doing this before lockdown. ** When your K–12 student needs a little more flexibility, a tuition-based, online private school can be a great option. He is now thriving and enjoying learning. She struggled at mainstream school and says that joining InterHigh has been 'life changing.' Created by experts, Catholic Online School’s library of trusted lessons cover innumerous subjects in K-12. We are very happy with MOS, with even my daughter exclaiming “It was sooo the right decision”. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Year 8 pupil Lucy Eggleston suffers from Hybermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The number of families taking children out of traditional schools is rising. There has been no conflict with InterHigh. See how our schools can prepare your child for success in school and into the future Discover More. Should have done it years ago!!! 42% achieved grades 9-7. Harrow School Online brings together the richness and heritage of Harrow School education with leading online learning technology and teaching practices. Lesson times fit perfectly with my daily golf routine and I get a lot more time to train and I’m improving rapidly.". Best decision I’ve ever made, If I could change one thing? "InterHigh allows me to continue with my education whilst developing my table tennis career. Students at our online school learn via our interactive live online video lessons from their home, with none of the distractions of a typical school. For more information about our school, please enquire below. Our revolutionary teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time. Online secondary schools in UK: Homeschool in London, distance learning school in England. There are Your basket 0 . "I hated going to a school, as I was bullied loads and I lost all my confidence. 6 month of unlimited access, 150 hours of content per course. ". She joined InterHigh because she didn’t enjoy mainstream secondary school and because of her acting career. I don’t like crowds when I have to learn. InterHigh pupil Jessica Jones was badly bullied at mainstream school. For more information on refunds, read our refund policy here. Chloe Cummings is a qualified gymnast with British and Irish gymnastics. "For the first time in my life, I can now finally express my thoughts and I’m also working a year higher than my age group! Choose from three fully accredited private schools with state-certified teachers and a rigorous online and hands-on curriculum. Experienced online teachers offer LIVE virtual lessons and tuition in: Maths, English, the three Sciences, French, Spanish, and Geography. InterHigh has changed my life.". ... if you require a specific guide and you don't see it on our site please email a request to pete@schools-online.co.uk. The classes are well thought out and fun for the children, assignments are good and clubs are well organised. I would highly recommend My Online Schooling to anyone. Students of all ages can extend their learning through K12 online schools. He joined InterHigh because he found it difficult to combine acting with his studies at a secondary school. Our flexible approach enables students to choose almost any combination of A Level subjects. Online learning platforms are characterized by the type of delivery mechanism employed for imparting education. We discovered MOS and his whole world changed. "InterHigh was quite possibly the best experience I could’ve asked for in high school. With Catholic Online School, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, customize … I can happily train and study without missing any lessons or getting anxious. A keen competitor in horse-riding, Lily couldn’t fit in her training alongside private schooling in Bulgaria. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ". She is happy, attentive, focused – because she can play with her fidget toy and not be told off! He went into every iGCSE exam calm, well prepared and tried his best. Our British Curriculum, offering a complete core of Key Stage 2 subjects right through to IGCSE and A Levels, provides the perfect foundation for future studies. Alphabet Balloon Pop: B, E, G. In this letter recognition game, kids quickly pop alphabet balloons. Added link to 'Help with accessing and buying resources for remote education'. Henry Patterson is the UK's youngest entrepreneur having set up his first business aged just 9. InterHigh's flexible style of learning allows Eden to fit in her studies around her busy singing career. "I think it’s really perfect for actors. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a school… The fact that I have total flexibility to operate in the entertainment industry, without it affecting my studies adversely, is a total bonus.". Lessons happen from 8am – 10pm UK GMT. InterHigh pupil, Walid Sabihi, is a very impressive young man. Edward spends a lot of his spare time with his music, he plays at Violin 1 in three full symphony orchestras, plus many other events. We are both incredibly grateful to everyone at My Online Schooling. Read her story below: "InterHigh has been life changing for me and my family with regard to my ASD and managing it. Pupils also have the option to add complementary subjects to their timetable where desired as well as attend after school clubs in a range of topics and interests. Thank you! Failing health but with two boys desperate to stay homeschooled I knew we needed to find something that helped us all. For an overview of all available subjects, please take a look at our 20/21 Course Offerings here. Having previously had roles in Australian soap Neighbours and CW's Arrow, he recently completed filming for his biggest role so far - the Netflix series - Medici. Motivated Students Can Get Ahead. "Being able to work independently was one of the most valuable skills I took from InterHigh, as well as the ability to adapt to different software.". Suffering with a long-term illness that made mainstream school a struggle, Sam has found that with InterHigh, he is much more relaxed and organised. InterHigh School delivers a fully interactive British education to the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Maximus had always been interested in cloud-based learning and studying with InterHigh gives him a flexible and independent learning experience. Checkout. Our unique online school offers the best in Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A Level courses, delivered by expert teachers. Our classes are smaller than that of traditional high schools, meaning teacher attention is optimised without distraction. Being a pupil at My Online Schooling is really helpful as a professional actor because it gives me the freedom to go to castings and when I am working, which can be anywhere, I can take my laptop with me and either be able to still attend my lessons in real time or catch up via the recorded lessons. "Interhigh is, in my opinion, one of the best things the internet can be used for. Connections Academy’s tuition-free online public K-12 school partners with parents to provide students with an engaging, high-quality education in a safe learning environment. "It’s really good. "InterHigh has helped me an awful lot. My grades have improved, I have more time to do extra stuff – it’s amazing. We are a fully online global sixth form, offering an A Level education to girls and boys aged 16-18. Your child is receiving a quality education at an affordable price whilst at the same time developing a joy of learning in a supportive and caring group dynamic. Schools-Online Login. The flexibility and broad curriculum InterHigh offers allows him to gain a quality education whilst pursuing his career. "InterHigh is THE BEST choice for someone who desires the freedom to learn dynamically. Pupils in Key Stage 3 will build on the foundations of primary school education by studying an extensive core of subjects in preparation for their IGCSE choices at Key Stage 4. Talha left formal education at the age of 12 due to bullying he faced due to his hearing impairment. Actress and model Tayler Jefferson is dyslexic. A wide range of 20 subjects are available. Available on mobile. He studied at InterHigh after being bullied at mainstream school. Homeschooling in Thailand can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you’re an expat family that…, Website design by Lyles Sutherland Limited, 2020, Online British education from KS2 to A Level accessed from anywhere around the world, International GCSE (KS4) Subjects and Fees, Homeschooling in Thailand: what you need to know, Introducing our new MOVE, BREATHE, RELAX classes, Racism, history and shaping a better future, Black History & Genealogy – six degrees of separation. 24/7. She struggled learning in large numbers at mainstream school and suffered from anxiety. It’s nice to have that support.". The new design will enable us to announce new features and to let you know about the exciting new products we are working on for the future. My improved stamina has helped my academia too.". We’re proud to say that one of our students was Nelson Mandela, who studied for his London University law degree with Wolsey Hall whilst in Robben Island jail – an inspiration to home learners everywhere! Our Rolling Half-Term Contracts provide you with the flexibility to sign up and give notice at any point during the half term. Take a wide range of GCSE courses by home education: english, maths, french, history, geography and much more. It’s great. Your basket. As an author and keynote speaker at events around the world, he finds InterHigh's flexible style of learning invaluable.
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