Most of the documents are in German language. Read more. German Holocaust archive puts millions of documents online By Associated Press. Tel. Are you looking for books, pictures, films, sheet music or musical compositions owned by the public sector in Germany? A detailed inventory for the Stettin [ Szczecin] State Archive, searchable in German systematcally, alphabetically, and by key word, is found at Archivfuhrer Stettin. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf, gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Image quality … Archive: Archive im deutschsprachigen Raum (Minerva handbooks, archives in German-speaking areas). Fax +49 (0) 4751 914891 September 17, 2020 by Ecommerce News. : 48 71 3484598Fax: 48 71 3484407Email: christophori@poczta.onet.plWebsite: Parafia Wroclaw II (Lutheran Archives Breslau), Archiwum Diecezjalne Opole (Kath. The French archivists will not do research, but they will help you determine what records are available. I) Notes II) Common German Terms. Deutsches Familienarchiv (German Family Archive). (Contains summary of latest issue and archives.) Before you undertake genealogical research in the archival records, you should always consult the available literature. People who are serious about exploring their German roots will find that sooner or later they need to turn to German archives, and this book was designed to help. Get online access to all of the Danish National Archives digitized records from the time when Denmark was a colonial power in the West Indies and read about and get to know this part of Danish history. Some archives have catalogs, inventories, guides, or periodicals that describe their records and how to use them., a research service, helps you to find the literature you need for your studies and research. Who can use the Arolsen Archives? The DNB archives all works that have been published in the German language since 1913. German Holocaust archive puts millions of documents online Gary Mokotoff, a Jewish genealogist from New Jersey, takes a look at name registers at the … Germany The Nazi archives: Where Germany's dark past is stored on paper In April, the Arolsen Archives made more than 13 million documents on victims of the Nazi regime available online. Discover Germany historic newspaper archives from 1783-1999 in 2.96 billion old newspaper articles about more than 8.5 billion people! Das Archiv. Arolsen Archives is located in the north-central town of Bad Arolsen, Germany — about 90 miles north of Frankfurt. It is one result of the German Immigrant Ancestors Project launched at Brigham Young University in 1996 to survey and catalog all the relevant public and private records in the Federal Republic of Germany. 100500-950 WarszawaPOLANDFax: 48-22-31-75-63 Internet: Polish government archives in English (also translates into Polish). Archiwum Panstwowe we Wroclawiu oddzial w KamiencuPlac Koscielny 457-230 Kamieniec ZabkowickiPolandPh. Germany The Nazi archives: Where Germany's dark past is stored on paper. Dozens of German historical and genealogical societies exist in Germany and elsewhere. If a particular archive does not have the records you seek, it will usually refer you to the correct archive. Bistumsarchiv Oppeln), Archiwum Archidiecezjalne w Poznańiu (Posen), Library of the Vereins für Familien- und Wappenkunde, Germany, Brandenburg, Angermunde, Miscellaneous City Records, 1706-1922 - FamilySearch Historical Records, Germany, Bavarian Archive Miscellaneous Records - FamilySearch Historical Records, Germany, Bavaria, Deggendorf Miscellaneous City Records (FamilySearch Historical Records), Germany, Bavaria, Dinkelsbuhl Misscellaneous City Records (FamilySearch Historical Records), Germany, Bavaria, Mindelheim Miscellaneous Church Records (FamilySearch Histroical Records), Germany Bavaria, Neumarkt Miacellaneous City Records (FamilySearch Historical Records), Gerrmany, Bavaria, Nordlingen Miscellaneous City Records - FamilySearch Historical Records, Germany, Brandenburg, Cottbus, Miscellaneous City Records (FamilySearch Historical Records), Germany, Saxony, Dresden, Miscellaneous City Records (FamilySearch Histoarical Records), Germany, Saxony, Meissen, Miscellaneous City Records - FamilySearch Historical Records, Germany, Wurttemberg, Albstadt Miscellaneous City Records - FamilySearch Historical Records,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Records from the time period of the NS-regime, Records of prisoners during the GDR period, Military records up to 1945 (especially for WWI and WWII), Internet: [ Landkreises Cuxhaven] br>.
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