Pumps in the chemical industry The chemical industry has perhaps the greatest demand for pumps that both perform and provide protection to employees and the surrounding work environment. Bearings from the CHEM series are made of carbon in the standard version. Liquid Filling Machine Gear Pump. Pumps, Gear Pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps, Rotary Gear Systems, Heavy Duty Gear Pumps, Vertical Pumps, Hydraulic Gear Pumps, Chemical Gear Pumps, Internal Gear Pumps, Miniature Gear Pumps, Small Gear Pumps, Inlet Gear Pumps, Rotary Gear Pumps, Stainless Gear Pumps, Mumbai, India. Suction Piping: Chemical Gear pumps are capable of operating at 17.7 inches mercury suction (20’ water). Air-Powered Transfer Pumps. Molasses Gear Pump. Manufacturer of Chemical Gear Pumps offered by Fluid Tech Systems, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The pumps can meet the needs for various applications demanding low or high chemical concentration. Exposure to harsh chemicals from a leaking pump can cause respiratory issues for employees. Often chemical resistant pumps are manufactured from stainless steel or plastic, but it is always important that it is checked that the materials of construction are compatible with the specific chemical composition of the fluid being handled within the process. GST No. Gear pumps for the chemical industry CHEM gear pump to transport and dose low to medium viscous media. Safety. As "Positive Displacement" pumps, gear pumps can provide relatively constant flow over a wide range of pressures. Chemical metering pump systems treat well water systems. The best pump for your process is not just a slogan to us – it’s what drives and inspires us on a daily basis. A partial vacuum is created at the pump inlet as the gear teeth unmesh. NEMA 4X AC & DC Controllers. Chemical Gear Pumps. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. Pulsafeeder’s products provide solutions for a virtually limitless number of applications and markets. Alfa pumps offers heavy-duty gear pumps (series-AP), which is useful for pumping and transferring of heavy fuel oils, like LDO, FO, LSHS, HSD, crude petroleum, wax slurries, starch solutions, glue, etc. Our pumps can be factory fitted with all types of mechanical seal arrangements. Call: 022-25965050 / 9820050624 . Roper Pump Co. boasts a complete line of helical gear pumps for the Industrial, Transport, and Oil & Gas marketplaces. For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours. China Self-Priming Pumps supplier, Chemical Pumps, Gear Pumps Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Botou Saiken Pumps Co., Ltd. When mounted to a variable speed motor and controller, a gear pump offers several advantages over "reciprocating type" metering pumps. Liquiflo’s experienced engineers are available to assist you with your special chemical pumping applications. high-alloy gear pumps for the chemical processing industry, and extensive experience in pumping acids, caustics, solvents, polymers and other types of chemicals. Available in PVDF or 316-SS, Eclipse gear pumps ensure corrosion resistance against a wide range of chemicals, making Eclipse chemical gear pumps ideally suited to handle acids, caustics, polymers, flocculants, resins, solvents & scale inhibitors. Find carbonator-mount and close-coupled rotary gear pumps at Grainger. Also known as gear pumps, they produce a smooth flow of liquid. The application range reaches from classic transfer and dosing tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the transportation of monomers, oligomers … Internal gear pumps have better suction capabilities and are suited to high viscosity fluids, although they have a useful operating range from 1cP to over 1,000,000cP. Stainless Steel Gear Pumps For your chemical gear pump needs, Oberdorfer™ is the industry leader in corrosion- resistant pumps with their hardworking chemical feed pump brand, CHEMSTEEL™. Typical areas of application for this pump type can be found in the chemicals, cosmetics, food industries, petrochemicals and polymer industries. Please fill out the following form so we can create an offer that is exactly customized to your needs. 03. Gear Pumps For Chemical Industry DCP Pumps are made of SST and are designed to the most tough performance environment in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, due to considered designing project, materials and sealing systems employed. Chemical gear pumps Both high viscosity and low viscosity liquids can be handled When a low-viscosity liquid is handled by a conventional gear pump, "jamming" and "seizing" tend to occur. Profile; Why Us; ISO Certification; What's new; Products. © Copyright - 2010-2019 : All Rights Reserved. Rugged, long- and closed-coupled designs. The axial clearance from the CHEM series is set through spacer rings. A complete chart based on long term tests is available. If the static lift plus pipe friction losses combine to exceed this figure, pump operation will be erratic or no pumping at all will be realized. Hydraulic gear pumps are simple and economical hydraulic pumps that create pressure through the meshing of the gear teeth, which forces fluid around the gears to pressurize the outlet side. We are engaged in manufacturing a wide array of high quality Chemical Gear Pumps which are specially made in compliance with global quality standard. Odhav, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Hydraulic heating can be offered in a standard or premium design. SEND EMAIL. IdlTTE^ PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY Gear pumps for the chemical industry. Chemical Gear Pumps; New Items; Contact Us . 05. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. 01. Diesel Pump. Choose from adjustable and fixed-rate peristaltic and diaphragm metering pumps to help handle high and low pressure industrial and agricultural applications. Hydrofarm AAPW550 550-GPH Active Aqua Submersible Pump, 550 GPH A definite amount of liquid is displaced with each revolution of the pump. WITTE is one of the leading manufacturers of gear pumps for the chemical, polymer processing, cosmetic & food industry. ... With all PTFE wetted parts, these pumps offer the best chemical resistance of all our air-powered transfer pumps and can handle solvents and petroleum-based fluids that PVDF pumps can’t. The displacement capacity will vary directly with the pump speed within specified limitations. CHEM gear pump to transport and dose low to medium viscous media.
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