Curcas purgans Medik. if yes explain to me is now 6moths. A purgative dose is 3-4 seeds. yeah she is better now thanks, the doctors said she took the seeds in excess. Search. Leaves deciduous, alternate but apically crowded, ovate, acute to acuminate, basally cordate, 3 to 5-lobed in outline, 6-40 cm long, 6-35 cm broad, the petioles 2.5-7.5 cm long. Rapid multiplication techniques and facilities have to be developed to make improved planting material available in adequate amounts. The oil is used in torches and lanterns as it burns with clean free smoke. Thank you, Can I use red jatropha along side with my HIV drugs, Can I drink red jatropha with small pinch of salt to get pregnant easily. Though native to America, the species is almost pantropical now; it is widely planted as a medicinal plant which soon tends to establish itself. This Sorry, You need to ask an expert in this subject. How do I get the seedlings. In Ivory Coast, heated leaves are applied to relieve pain. Jatropha also contains curcasin, arachidic, linoleic, myristic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids and curcin (Perry 1980). Jatropha afrocurcas Pax Jatropha condor Benth. Heat 3 to 4 Jatropha leaves. The bark is commonly used in the Philippine Islands as a fish-poison where the plant bears the same name as Derris (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae). Commercial names for the oil are: seed oil; hell oil, pinhoen oil, pulza oil, pulguiera oil, purging-nut oil, curcas oil; and pharmaceutically: oleum ricini majoris and oleum infernale. Jatropha seed is used as a medicine for constipation. In Senegal an aqueous leaf-decoction is taken by mouth for bronchitis and a decoction of dried leaves in The Gambia to relieve coughing. Pls is jatropha seed very effective for family planning, how long will it take one seed to work. Please write your query here. The seeds are often roasted and taken after meals. The fruit and the seed are reported to contain a contraceptive principle. Never give seeds in any from to children, they are very susceptible to jatropha poisoning. It is quite toxic and don't give it to your children. Tender young shoots can be cooked and used as a vegetable. Pls can Jatropha leaves cure diabetes? An oily preparation is applied to tumours in Mauritania and in Ivory Coast to scarifications around filaria blisters. Curcas curcas publ Curcas drastica Mart. Your email address will not be published. Jatropha curcas can be grown in arid zones (20 cm rainfall) as well as in higher rainfall zones.. Seeds enter into medication for serious illnesses such as syphilis and leprosy. There is record of the oil being used as an adulterant of cooking oils with drastic purgative effects. Pounded leaves are applied to sluggish ulcers, and the sap of dried leaves is applied direct to cuts and bleeding wounds as a styptic. Female flowers borne singly, with elliptic 3-celled, triovulate ovary with 3 spreading bifurcate stigmata. Traditionally, they will bake some pieces of jatropha leaves on the surface of the flame in order to make them a bit withered. Ashes from the roots and branches are used as cooking salt. It is used to put in a hollow tooth and on to bee and wasp-stings. Prospects are that within the next decade or so, Jatropha curcas will become a major source of renewable energy in the drier rural areas of (sub)tropical Asia, Africa and America. It has been used for treatment of a wide spectrum of ailments related to skin, cancer, digestive, respiratory and infectious diseases. Thank you, Is jathropha seed save to use while breasfeeding, Can jatropha be used to treat kidney disease, Please why are you not replying to how to treat HIV with Jatropha,does it mean you guys are living when you said it inhibits HIV with low effect cytotoxicity?please tell us the Gospel truth so we know why we are on your sight..deos it treat HIV and how?thank you. how to use? thanks. It is native to Central America and Mexico. The oil is used to soften the leather. Poisoning is of the irritant type causing nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, depression and collapse. Douglass, published in 1903..... JATROPHA CURCAS JATROPHA CURCAS symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. Oil. Wash your infected Skin with it. Names of Jatropha in various languages of the world are also given. The young leaves are eaten in Java. In Congo (Brazzaville), the sap is instilled into the outer ear for otitis, and in Ivory Coast it is given by enema for blennorrhoea (excessive secretion and discharge of mucus) and by draught for jaundice. Dear Cecilia. Why do you want to give this tea to children? It also cures E.coli. However, it has not been able to achieve a major commercial success for use as a natural pesticide. But fastness was far from the case in Japanese soldiers’ uniforms dyed in a concoction of the young foliage in Thailand during World War II, 1942-45, since the colour ran in monsoon rains with grotesque results. The seed also has insecticidal potential. Flowers are several and sometimes many in greenish cymes, yellowish, bell-shaped; sepals 5, broadly deltoid. Yes, you can drink it. It should be noted that all plant parts of J. curcas are poisonous, thus extreme caution should be observed when using the plant for any internal use. The name is derived from the Greek words ἰατρός, meaning "physician", and τροφή, meaning "nutrition", hence the common name physic nut. Shrub or tree to 6 m, with spreading branches and stubby twigs, with a milky or yellowish rufescent exudate. For treatment of ascites they are crushed and boiled with cereal pap, or roasted in ashes and mixed with natron or extract of wood-ashes and taken with water or milk and in Congo (Brazzaville) as many as 8 seeds per day may be given but buffered with peanuts or sugar-cane. It is a large shrub, with a height varying between 3 and 5 m, hardy, originating in tropical America; from where it was taken by Portuguese … Dear Geofrey The leaves of Jatropha have Anti-HIV properties. BACKGROUND: Jatropha curcas is an oil-bearing plant, and has seeds with high oil content (~ 40%). Use it as poultice on your Breast. Studied Food and Nutrition Sciences, Dietetics at Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria; Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland. The toxicity of seeds is known to be reduced by roasting. Mixed with salt it is rubbed on teeth to clean them. Several advantages, such as easy genetic transformation and short generation duration, have led to the emergence of J. curcas as a model for woody energy plants. Jatropha curcas : biology, cultivation and potential uses. The crushed seed or the seed-cake in palm-oil is used in Gabon as a raticide. It is not intended to replace a doctor. Jatropha curcas medicinal herb also referred to as Tubang bakod is from the Euphorbiaceae family and it is a toxic or poisonous plant that has to be used with great caution.. Enter, Jatropha curcas. However, the meal can be suitable for animal feed after a detoxification process (Gaur et al. Thanks. In Yoruba, the plant is called làpálàpá, meaning ‘ringworm’, because the oil causes an irritative rash on the skin of children. Do you know this herb by any other name ? Jatropha seeds are toxic and roasting will not reduce toxicity!! These are the thoughts and intellectual property  of: Sa’eed Halilu Bawa Hi dear im hiv postive also can you please tell me how you used the directions also did you do any diet instructions during the jatropha please help may i have your email please thank you so much. Plants produce separate male and female flowers. Manihot curcas (L.) Crantz WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Is jatropha help to cure anal fusure? The Portuguese established a plantation industry on the Cape Verde Islands to supply oil to South-West Europe, but the main planting there is to assist in reafforestation and to maintain a plant cover. You may ask and answer a query. Can physic nut be used for family planning? This substance is related to ricin of Ricinus and to crotin of Croton tiglium. The scientific name of physic nut is “ Jatropha curcas." Jatropha curcas have played major role in the treatment of various diseases, including bacterial and fungal infections. Do not use more than prescribed dose. They are used by Igbo in Southern Nigeria for arthritic troubles. Will jatropha seed good for family planning and how to use it and period it will last. [Gregory Medina;] Home. Another common name is nettlespurge. Curcin and phorbol ester are toxic compounds contained in the Jatropha meal. Taking more medication will not improve your symptoms; rather they may cause poisoning or serious side-effects.
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