Any Snapshot Schedule where the path is at or below the Job source path will be included in the Job. When an Eyeglass Job first becomes type Disaster Recover Testing it is always in User Disabled state no matter what state it was in as an AUTO job. When you enable DR Rehearsal mode and it includes an Eyeglass job that is of AUTOSKIPCONFIG type the end result status will incorrectly be REHEARSAL_ERROR for local target and corrupt failover snapshots for those policies. Workaround: Disable the Runbook Robot mount step by setting to false following the instructions here: Reviewed in Last 12 Months; Products. Snapshot schedule expiration offset has OneFS API bug that adds extra time to snapshot expiration when the snapshot schedule is created. Workaround: Use Release 2.5.5 to failover overlapping access zones. Workaround: Only select enabled Jobs for Run Now. But it’s important to note that these lists aren’t all inclusive. A “. Workaround: None required - display issue only. Workaround: Review the Eyeglass logs at the time that the inventory alarm occurred and search for the string “Another instance of Inventory Task is still running. Regular failover is unaffected by this issue and is available. If an AD Group templates, if the AD group name has special characters in the AD group name the quotas will not be applied. You may see Inventory errors after upgrading the PowerScale cluster version or adding a cluster to be managed by Eyeglass which has a different OneFS version than clusters already managed due to wrong version of API being used to connect to the cluster. Looking ahead, we plan to combine the initial and MR release notes into a single document. Action completed against all selected jobs. The failover log indicates success. Workaround: Enter "zone id" for "failovertarget" when initiating pool failover. These can be used in scripting to determine whether steps in a script should run in the case of a failure of the failover. For example, because MR release notes are cumulative, they can become quite long. The LiveOptics Isilon collector generates an excel output that includes the following Isilon information. Workaround: Customize Quota Job and deselect quotas for excluded directories. Workaround: Use fully qualified domain name for SyncIQ Policy target host and in the pool SmartConnect Zone name. Different units of off set all result in a value greater than entered. Shares and exports are deleted as expected. The Isilon for vCenter plug-in enables you to locally backup and restore virtual machines on an Isilon cluster. Starting a log parser /opt/superna/java/jre1.8.0_05/bin/java: No such file or directory. This may cause an issue if there are multiple pools on target side which match. IMPORTANT: You must enable DFS mode before enabling the Job to prevent creation of active shares on target cluster. ** Inter-version capabilities: In the case of inter-version operation, the capabilities of the lower OneFS API version will be applied across both OneFS versions. The initial release notes contain information about functionality changes between the previous major/minor OneFS release and the current one—for example, changes in the formatting of CLI commands. When DR Test Job has first been created, the DR Test Status window does not open and shows the error “Readiness data not found. This validation should only be being assessed for Access Zone or Pool failover. Using the Live Optics collector, configuration and performance data is captured, analyzed and compiled into a Project. Release 3.4.6 of the Isilon version of Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server provides the new features and fixes listed below. Post Failover re-enter the original values on the DR snapshot schedules using the cluster report values from the source cluster as a reference. Workaround: Check which cluster has enabled SyncIQ Policies and then verify that other cluster is read-only to confirm which failover direction is active. It may occur that the create is attempted before the Delete is executed. Adding user s or groups with any case is now supported. Zone Readiness for an Access Zone which does not meet SyncIQ Policy path requirement “SyncIQ Policy(s) source root directory must be at or below the Access Zone Base Directory” may in errors for every validation category, with the message "Cannot calculate Access Zone Failover Readiness for a zone with no pools". If the pool on the target cluster which contains the SmartConnect Zone which is configured on the source cluster as the SyncIQ policy target host is configured as “short” name instead of fully qualified name AND that pool has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint defined instead of the required igls-ignore hint, Zone Readiness INCORRECTLY does not show an error. Now, you need to add both of the cluster using Management subnet SSIP. Phone home feature is changing and will be disabled . When you delete an Access Zone in OneFS, the following issues occur in Eyeglass: corresponding Eyeglass Zone Configuration Replication Job is not deleted. Email notification also only sent on initial occurence of the alarm. 3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it. CSI driver for Dell EMC Isilon * supports CSI specification version 1.1 * support for Kubernetes 1.14 * supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 host operating system * supports Isilon OneFS versions 8.1 and 8.2 : The project may be compiled as a stand-alone binary using Golang that, when run, provides a … To verify, ssh to the Eyeglass appliance and test with nslookup to confirm that it can be resolved. DR Failover Status of Warning does not block failover. If a policy, dfs, zone or pool readiness alarm occurs multiple times, the Alarm time will not be updated with each occurrence. If DNS Dual Delegation is configured with NS Records that resolve to a name (for example configured as CNAME) the DNS Dual Delegation Validation will not work as it is expecting an IP address on resolution of the NS Record. Please try again later or try to be more specific in your query.". No alarm or email when status changes to OK or Info. Workaround: None required. GUI will indicate this with message "Result list is truncated - please use a more restrictive search term!". Isilon OneFS Release number 7.2.0 Upgrade Readiness Checklist March, 2015 ... l For details about this release, including known issues, see the OneFS 7.2 Release Notes. By default a 1 second time skew tolerance between Isilon nodes is now taken into account when executing the Date-Time Validation for failover readiness. These scripts should be ignored as they contain no examples. Workaround: AD provider name and AD provider in SmartConnect Zone name should have same case. Workaround: For assessing Pool Failover readiness open the DR Dashboard and select Pool Readiness. Dell EMC’s recent update to its OneFS scale-out NAS has a rather long version number – 8.2.2 – but that masks some major enhancements to the Isilon operating system. Export with multiple paths that are protected by different SyncIQ policies is not supported. Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL 11.0.01 1 Changes - … Isilon Gen 6 drastically reduces physical footprint and offers improved scalability, compute power, software optimization and protection against hardware failures. Workaround: For multi-site failover manual verification for AD delegation can be done as documented here and the DR Dashboard AD Delegation validation can be disabled following documentation here. Workaround: The following workaround is available to address this issue: Modify exports on the source to add a second path which is a sub-folder of the existing path. Workaround: None required. If a failover is done while there are Quota Pending Requests, the Pending Requests are lost as the quota to which the request was originally made no longer exists on the original cluster after failover. ***Due to PowerScale OneFS PAPI API defect, the following configuration change must be made on the Eyeglass appliance to support OneFS releases lower than these releases. They also contain summaries of new features. Workaround: Run concurrent failover for multiple pools. Quota must be created manually. When a SyncIQ Job Report is generated from the Reports on Demand window, the Troubleshooting section may not be populated. If quota job is run, it will typically fail due to path not found. When the API request for cluster storage usage is returned from PowerScale with information missing for one or more nodes, the Eyeglass Cluster Storage Usage window may not display all information for the nodes where information was returned. Workaround: Use PowerScale interface to remove and add igls-dfs prefix for affected shares. This URL is used to get configuration details about your Isilon cluster via OneFS API. The igls app report command to create a dr health summary file does not exit on completion of execution. Job is empty. T12905 Failover Pre and Post Script "target" variable empty for SyncIQ and DFS failover, T15403 SPN Validation Error - Zone does not have any registered SPNs, T15404 DR Dashboard Access Zone appears in Zone Readiness tab even though Pool Failover is configured, Pool Failover Configuration blocked, T15229 Eyeglass Archive creation does not complete due to stale NFS mount, T5808:  Inconsistent Zone Readiness Status between DR Dashboard and Eyeglass API, T10479 Limit on number of Parallel Failovers, T11585 DR Dashboard incorrectly displays SSIP when IP Pool Smartconnect Subnet is not in same subnet as pool, T11697 API call corner case may affect failover for Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor customers, T14142 SMB Encryption enable/disable not synced, T15457 HTML 5 vmware vcenter bug on OVA deployment, Technical Advisories for all products are available, 2666/2723: Problems for Controlled Failover when Source becomes unreachable during failover, 2278: Zone Readiness lists Access Zone after all related SyncIQ Policies are deleted, 2919: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs may not display in the Zone Readiness Eyeglass Configuration Replication Readiness list, 3010: Unexpected results for failover where total number of objects exceeds the published limit, Please refer to the Eyeglass Admin Guide for published limits, 3029: Zone Readiness not calculated correctly for SyncIQ subnet pool with a mapping hint, 3031: Zone Readiness Policy Path Containment Check results in extra errors, Eyeglass Assisted Access Zone Failover Requirements are documented in the Access Zone Failover Guide, 3077: Zone Readiness does not catch pool mapping hint misconfiguration for partial string match, Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hints are identical for mapped pools, T477: No Policy Hot/Hot Validation Error for policy with no share/export, T482: Zone Readiness shows OK for multiple Smartconnect Zone Mapping errors, Workaround: Provision Smartconnect Zone Mapping according to requirements documented, T654: Zone Readiness incorrectly includes SyncIQ Policy in System Access Zone, T1712:  Zone Readiness missing Zone when pool has no SmartConnect Zone - OneFS 7, T1716:  Eyeglass Runbook Robot NFS mount not functioning for RHEL and Centos deployments. Resolution: UserGroupQuotas and ShareExportUsage reports have been deprecated. Quota workflow features have been removed. DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness validation is only supported by design for Microsoft DNS server. Workaround: None required - Do not initiate DFS or SyncIQ mode failover for policies configured for pool failover. Resolution: Smb3 Encryption Enabled setting for shares is now synced. Use Backup & Restore to the latest OVF to be on a supported release. Additional logging provided for AD SPN Delegation Validation. Workaround: None required - the commands executed do not result in any changes on the PowerScale cluster. Next schedule Configuration Replication job will rectify and after that point the DFS and SyncIQ failover mode will not be available for policies configured for Pool Failover. The Quota Summary report should be used and contains all quotas and user/group information for user/group quotas. In OneFS 8 where there are Access Zones have identical paths, Eyeglass Access Zone Replication will fail with the following error from the PowerScale cluster:  AEC_CONFLICT “field” “path” “message” “access zone base path \*/ifs\* overlaps with base path \*/ifs/data/zone\* in Access Zone Use the force overlap option to override. This error does not block the failover from proceeding. For the case where an Access Zone hss both DFS and non-DFS configured jobs in Eyeglass, if share renaming fails for all shares associated with a DFS policy Client redirection will be considered an error for non-DFS policies as well and failover will be aborted instead of continuing for non-DFS configured jobs. In the case where all user mapping rules are deleted from the source, the Access Zone configuration replication job will not delete all on the target - the user mapping rules remain on the target. Failover logs which were generated from previous releases cannot be viewed from the Eyeglass DR Assistant Failover History view after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0. Once configured run the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job to update DR Dashboard / DR Assistant. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed. Workaround: Recommend to run 1 Data Config Migration job at a time. This step will be completed successfully on a subsequent failover or during regular Configuration Replication to bring the Eyeglass up to date on the latest state of the PowerScale environment. DR Rehearsal Mode is now available for OneFS 9.0 and OneFS 9.1 clusters. Quota Request Management Icons:  Affects User Storage icon, Quota Request Management workflow, Cluster Storage Usage Icon quotas tab are. If PowerScale identifies any missing SPN, Eyeglass will insert all custom SPN even if PowerScale does not identify it as missing. If Configuration Replication option is selected for Make Target Writeable, the DR Test mode job itself is not included and any changes to SMB shares or NFS exports that had not been previously synced will not be present on shares / exports used for the DR Test. T2908  New Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job cannot recover state and mode from the Eyeglass Fingerprint file. Workaround: This setting should not be used for DR purposes. After restoring Eyeglass backup , the Eyeglass log files location is not properly set. When an Access Zone contains a SyncIQ Policy which has a Target Host configured which cannot be resolved by Eyeglass, the Access Zone does not appear in the DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab. If a directory is inadvertently "unlocked" it may disconnect clients or have other unexpected results. The initial release note is published when a new major or minor OneFS release is released (for example, 7.0, 7.1.1, and 7.2.0). INFO Raised alarm: MAJOR Access Zone Failover Job failed. If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job contains more than one Export with the same path, this may result in an AUDITFAILED state or configuration replication error  for the associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job in the DR Dashboard or a configuration replication error. Opening the Eyeglass Syslog Log Viewer window may cause the Eyeglass web page to freeze. Workaround: Deleted quota manually deleted on the target. Overview Reviews Ratings Alternatives. Duplicate NFS Export on OneFS 7.2 Configuration Replication failure is expected, however in this case there is no specific Info associated with failed step to identify the issue.
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