It works just fine and holds to your preferred setting, but one of the sides on my review unit makes an unpleasant metal-on-metal scraping sound upon adjustment. Email. Sound; Beyerdynamic Custom Game Sennheiser GSP 600; Sound Output: Stereo: Stereo: Impedance: 16 Ω: 28 Ω. Of the What's in the box includes the headset, a Y-jack extension cable with audio and microphone connection, a plug-in cable with … TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a versatile choice of headphone, with additional cables providing a varied range of potential applications. beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset review The custom game is the ideal headset for all gaming and multi- media applications as well as voice over IP applications. It's an easy process, but unlike the headset itself, some of the cover options are obnoxious, aggressively gamer-centric tags that I couldn't bear to be seen wearing. Or is it just a case of Beyerdynamic trying, like many before it, trying to enforce music industry norms on the gaming audience? Jan 27, 2020 . It’s not a deal-breaker, but the poor fit of the cable does instill a lack of confidence in a circa $200 headset. This is a next-generation interactive gaming headset, full of amazing features that you'll love: the Sound Slider located on the headset itself for selecting the audio profile of your choice, the cable remote control for PC and console, the high-quality microphone and the six different interchangeable design covers.. It adjusts well when used across different kinds of media and offers a passable enough imitation of surround sound to suit most online gamers. Gamers should get the Custom Game; after all, it’s in the name. Another familiar Beyerdynamic feature carried over to the Custom Game is the physical bass slider, which lets you swap between different bass profiles on each can – more on that in the next section. Shifting over to Rocket League, the bouncy electronic soundtrack never comes across as muddled, and every goal explosion resonates with a booming, crystal-clear blast. The Custom Sound Slider allows customization up to four different sound profiles which we’ll be discussing later in the review. Regardless of how you look while wearing it, the audio is top-class, matched only by some Sennheiser gaming headsets, top-end SteelSeries cans and perhaps the Creative SXFI Air. The isolation of these headphones is exceptional, thanks in large part to their cushy leatherette pads I’ll be gushing about more below.. The beyerdynamic Custom Game comes with several items. New York, The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Headset comes in one gamer-friendly cardboard box delivered, which provides a lot of information about the headset. © … There’s no escaping it: the Custom Game is an ugly, bulky headset. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, GeIL Orion AMD Edition DDR4-3600 C18 2x8GB Review: Unbalanced Compromise, Asus Spins Up RTX 3090 Turbo With Blower-Style Cooler, Gaming and Home Working Drive Demand for PCs and Graphics Cards, GeIL Debuts Orion RGB Gaming RAM Made for AMD Ryzen 5000, PlayStation 5 Fan Lottery Responsible for Noisier Consoles. 292 global ratings . Receive news and offers from our other brands? Unboxing Video. Overall, this is a headset we’d thoroughly recommend for single-player games. Aside from the headset's debatable ugliness, the only other downside to the design is the connection and cable supplied. However, that isn't to say the Lagoon is without its faults. Acoustic design: … By Ulysses / August 19, 2018 . Beyerdynamic's Custom Game headset offers strong sound and comfort for a premium price. Paired with the large, pillowy-soft cans, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a pleasure to have on your head. Don't assume a good or expensive pair of headphones, especially closed back, will have a decent sized soundstage and great imaging. It's a strange juxtaposition, considering the look of the actual headset. Inside the box, we have the CUSTOM Game headphones, a cable with an external microphone and in-line controls, a Y-extension cable, a 6.35mm adapter, and some design covers. Editor’s note: this review was updated on March 16, 2020, to address the headset’s versatility for telecommuters and common recording issues. 3.5. Previous Next. Gaming Reviews Beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset. Es ist großartig verarbeitet, nirgendwo billiges Plastik, sondern echtes Metall. Facebook. Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review. The Custom Game Sound Slider lets you choose from four audio profiles.If you want to successfully suppress ambient noise in a loud tournament environment, you can choose the closed position. The headset is an ear-enclosing model that adapts perfectly after a few minutes. Speech actually sounded a little more natural in Resident Evil 2 than it did in Odyssey. The workmanship of the beyerdynamic Custom Game is very good. Absolutely. That’s good news considering many gaming headsets become tight and uncomfortably warm after about 45 minutes, with exception to more modern premium models with cooling gel in the ear cushions. I was so satisfied with the sound of explosions and gun fires during gaming. There was a problem. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a versatile choice of headphone, with additional cables providing a varied range of potential applications. From dynamic stereo sound to unparalleled comfort, a confidence-inspiring build, and a stellar mic, this high-end gaming headset carries on Beyerdynamic's legacy in the gaming space. The changeable design covers are a nice touch, as it the sound slider feature. I found a similar issue with the MMX 300. That makes the Custom Game perfect for streamers, or players looking chat during slower types of online games where hearing enemies with perfect clarity isn’t quite as vital to success, like MMOs, RPGs and strategy titles. Beyerdynamic Custom Game Headset Review In The Box. Search forums. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is an excellent gaming headset that features a strong build, a comfortable fit, and accurate, balanced sound. In my view, that's a very good thing. It’s angular and bulky, and the earcups are extremely large, enveloping your ears while pulling the adjustable headband tight across your skull. Tested. The brutal, industrial design is intended to convey the sense of no-nonsense German craftsmanship, which runs deep through the actual audio tech in this headset.
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